Hello Tucson! As the fall semester begins I look forward to re-establishing a cello studio after moving to the area in fall of 2017. I have truly enjoyed getting to know musicians and families in the area. The fall brings hope for new activities but also concerns about organizing our children’s schedules along with our own work/family schedules. The following tips may help:

Give your child a few days/weeks to get used to their new teachers at school, routines, and the cello lessons as well.

Be sure the instrument your child is using is the correct size and that all of the tuners and pegs work properly. If your child is on the same cello as last year remember that bows should be rehaired at least every nine months to one year. Strings should be replaced after one year.

It is very important to have a notebook for cello lessons for you to write in or if your child is older for the teacher to write in. Be sure you have one and bring it to every lesson.

Listening and going to concerts is an important element of Suzuki lessons. Students who listen progress at a fast rate, develop a better sense of pitch from listening to the professional recording, and find the pieces easier to memorize. Going to concerts motivates students and gives them a picture of how music on the cello may sound in their future. Be sure that you have your Suzuki CD in a location that’s easy to play every day or if you prefer download the Suzuki book you are on from iTunes and move it to your child’s iPod or other listening device.

Working together let’s all have a wonderful year of cello!

-- Alice Vierra

What Parents Are Saying

“As a musician parent I have worked with many teachers over the past 20 years and Alice is one of the most clear, organized, and experienced instructors I have ever worked with. My son and I both look forward to lessons each week.”

-- Rebecca Tate, parent

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