Our two daughters began taking cello lessons with Alice Vierra at age 4 and remained in her studio until they graduated from high school. Both went on to pursue careers in music and received accolades from their college professors for the excellent training they had received both in set-up and musicianship. Alice is an exceptional teacher and is a master at teaching students at any age and stage of development. 
-- Deb and Craig Myers

Before joining the studio I had heard the many accolades of Alice’s teaching: “Her students are beautifully positioned,” “her students have fabulous technique” and “her students play so musically.” I found all of this to be true. The reason for this is that Alice has an uncanny ability to connect with the whole child. She is able to understand and encourage the strengths and musical voice of each student. This quality is what makes her a master teacher and mentor. Her ability to create accomplished cellists is only part of the gift she gives each child. The most rewarding aspect of being in Alice’s studio is watching her nurture kind, responsible and respectful people. 
-- Rebecca Questad, Parent

My daughter and I began "pre-twinkling" in 2014 with Alice Vierra and our year has yielded unexpected growth (and joy) for both of us. With cello lessons as a platform, we've built our relationship, learned how to communicate and brought music into our house. For our three year old, "Ms. Alice" is a household name. Alice teaches in a blissfully calm state, treats children with respect and receives it back from students. As a parent, you have the feeling that she has an answer for every question and that your child's musical education is intricately organized in her mind while also seeming totally spontaneous and exciting. Alice shares genuine excitement and pride at my daughter's smallest achievements and transmits that attitude to parents, especially in times of frustration and parent-child friction! It is a truly magical experience.  
-- Sarah Biber, Cellist and Parent

Alice was my son's cello teacher from age 4 until he graduated from High School. For all of those years I was continually amazed at her ability to musically engage my son at every age and stage of his childhood. Her creativity, patience, encouragement and dedication to his musical nurturing provided an environment in which he could thrive. He participated annually in audition-only District, Regional and All State Orchestras, was the principal cellist in his school orchestra and is a former NVMTA competition winner. Alice helped him keep all of his auditions and musical preparation in balance with the rest of his "regular" life including academics and football. As a professional cellist and public school music educator myself, I could not be more pleased with the training that Alice gave to my son and I have fond memories of being Alice's cello stand partner. As my son heads off to college this fall, we are sad to be leaving Alice's studio, but excited that he will be pursuing a minor in Cello Performance!  
-- Anne Rupert, Fairfax County Public Schools Orchestra Director, Youth Orchestras of Prince William Music Director and Youth Symphony Orchestra Conductor, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra Cellist 

Every time I watch Mrs. Vierra teach whether it be my daughter, another student, or in group class, her many years of experience as a Suzuki teacher come through very clearly. She teaches the littlest cellist with just the right mixture of instruction and fun, and at the same time teaches a studio full of cellists of all levels and ages providing them with a great musical education and enjoyable musical opportunities. Her patience, kindness, and genuine concern for each student is a defining characteristic of her teaching - the hallmark of every great Suzuki teacher.
-- Karen Johnson, Concertmaster, US Marine Orchestra and parent

Our eight year old is committed to the cello, but he's also charismatic, excitable, silly, tired, distracted--in short, a pretty regular kid. In her firm, gentle, persistent way, Alice has worked with him tirelessly on his technique, at once holding him to high standards, but also appreciating, even valuing our son's big
personality and all that goes along with it.The results have been amazing. Our son has the most beautiful sound and is more motivated than ever to learn the cello. What's more, he has the utmost respect for Mrs. Vierra, his lessons, and his instrument. We're so grateful for her wise and wonderful instruction.
-- Cindy Phoel, Parent